Pre-Website Homework Checklist

Getting Started

It can be tempting to dive right in and start making your website template your own. But if you want to do this the right way, we recommend pulling everything together ahead of time to make the designing part even more enjoyable.

Click here to download your copy of our Pre-Website Homework Checklist. Use the guide to prepare a strong foundation before you begin designing your website.
Set your website up for success (and save yourself some headaches) by gathering the essentials.

Open Homework Checklist

Drag un-needed pages under "Not in Use" (left under site tab)

Decide which pages you do & don't need

Upload your logos & photos into the "Media Library" (top left)

Upload Logos & Photos

Be sure to export as a transparent .svg or .png (.svg is best, providing the most crisp look & never blurry)

Edit & Export Logo in Canva

Edit your website's fonts in "Design Settings" (top left)

Edit Font Styles

Edit your website's color palette in "Design Settings" (top left)

Edit Color Palette

Use the share key in your downloaded instructions.

Install your design

Subscribe to Showit

Subscribe to Showit

Installing your Design

Need some extra support?
Upon completion of your Pre-Website Homework Roadmap, you can hire our team to install your template for you. Click here for more information and email us to book.



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